Mailing List

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SurnameOther NamesPostal AddressPostal CodePersons
Abdul AzizMr. & Mrs. Abdul Wahab Alimiya4007800100 Nairobi5
Abdul AzizMr. & Mrs. Arif Alimiya4007800100 Nairobi2
Al-HaddadMr. & Mrs. Abdulaziz100Kajiado2
Al-HaddadMr. & Mrs. Sayed Hassan3177500600 Nairobi5
Al-HaddadMr. & Mrs. Sayed Mazharali38400606 Nairobi2
Al-HaddadMr. Sayed Nadim38400600 Nairobi3
Al-HaddadMr. & Mrs. Sayed Mubin38400600 Nairobi2
Al-HaddadMr. Sayed Wasim38400600 Nairobi1
Al-QadriMr. & Mrs. Sayed Hassan1281Malindi2
AntulayMr. Abdul Kadir404Mumias1
BadarMr. Ahmed Mohamed  1
BahoorMrs. Naseem Banu3118900600 Nairobi1
BahoorMr. Sajid3118900600 Nairobi1
BahoorMr. Sameer3118900600 Nairobi1
BakshiMr. & Mrs. Mohamed Azim1136300400 Nairobi4
BighbaMr. & Mrs. Ismail A. Aziz4614700100 Nairobi2
BighbaMr. & Mrs. Abdul Karim4614700100 Nairobi3
BighbaMr. & Mrs. Ridhwan4614700100 Nairobi1
BighbaMiss Shemina4614700100 Nairobi1
CharfareMr. & Mrs. Abdul Latif4203200100 Nairobi3
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