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Welcome to Kokni Muslim Association - Nairobi

For over 80 years now the Kokni Muslims in Nairobi have successfully managed to run their affairs, and achieve their goals, under a constitutionally elected governing body. Starting in 1925 as Kokni Muslim Jamaat, with limited objectives, it has transformed over the years to Kokni Muslim Association, with the aims and objectives extending to social, educational, welfare and cultural activities of not only our members, but also the Muslim community at large. Our commitment has enabled us to have an active and efficient Association, whose committee members have always worked closely together towards a common goal.

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1st Summit Kokni Youth Mount Kenya Promotional Video
1st Summit Kokni Youth Mount Kenya Promotional Video
A project from the Kokni Nairobi Youth Committee. This is a charity fund raiser. The journey starts in September. Join our facebook group for more details:


As a life time supporter of Kokni Muslim Association, I am honored to serve as the chair of the bore-hole subcommittee. One of our themes this year is Water for Life, which illustrates our Mission of providing water to the Masjid and to serve the residents of our community in the markaz and also support the requirement of the poor slum dwellers during the time of drought I am sure you realize just how critical is the water situation in and around the environs of Nairobi. Whether or not you've ever experienced the frequent water shortages you're sure to understand how the assistance of KMA is going to offer in our community, will enrich the lives of so many people who come to pray at our Masjid. The continuous supply of water that KMA will provide will be made possible by the generous support of community members and well-wishers, without the assistance of generous minded individuals, just like you, we wouldn't be able to help 100's in our community and its environs. Won't you make a commitment to support this noble project? The project will cost KSH 3,045,740 which will make it possible for KMA to provide water to the ever increasing population affected by water rationing. Your generosity will make a positive impact in our community by allowing KMA to continue its important work. I'm counting on your support as are those who depend on KMA's continued efforts. Please fill in the donation form. Every donation makes a difference regardless of size. Thank you in advance for your commitment to support the efforts of KMA to continue making a difference in our community.
Your reward is with Allah (SWT) for the Sadaqa Jariyah (Continual Charity)

Sincerely, Bhaudin Khares